Affinage & Selection

Handcraft made by Gourmino Mountain and Village Dairies

“Affinage & selection” stands for the cheeses which are handmade by our Gourmino cheesemakers. They are both cheese suppliers and owners of Gourmino. Mainly they are producing Emmentaler and Le Gruyère and for some time now also other fine specialties.

After a few weeks of maturing in the village cheese dairy, the cheeses come to the Gourmino ripening cellars. Only the best cheeses are suitable for longer affinage. That is why our cellar chefs select the cheeses when they are transferred to our cellars. In the silence of nature, the cheeses are cared for with love and expertise and develop their individual character over the months.

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Selected & Proved

Carefully chosen and evaluated by Gourmino


“Selected & proved” offers our customers cheese specialties and trouvailles from small village cheese dairies besides Gourmino. The requirements are that these are handmade and that the cheese dairies fit the philosophy of Gourmino. The cheeses are matured in the cheese dairies and delivered to the Gourmino warehouse in Langnau im Emmental on demand. Before we send the cheeses to our customers, each batch is checked by our cellar masters.

With the stamp “selected & proven” we guarantee the quality selected and proved by Gourmino!

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