the everything bagel with cream cheese

Schallenberg is the only cream added mountain cheese, aged in the mountain for 10 months. It tastes like a fesh onion bagel with cream cheese.


Hansruedi Gasser – award-winning cheesemaker with passion

“In the idyllically located mountain dairy Oberei near the Schallenberg pass, I make the award-winning Emmental AOP and other delicious cheese specialities like Schallenberg.

Repeating the title of “best Emmentaler AOP producer” means a lot to me! But I would not claim this title completely for myself. The award speaks for the traditional lifestyle and the specific farming methods keeping cows healthy and natural. All this gives us the privilege of buying fresh milk directly from dairy farmers in our area, which is the best way to produce cheese of such high quality.”


with a view towards Schallenberg mountain

When Hansruedi looks through the window of his dairy, he has a direct view to the Schallenberg Mountain. A winding road leads up to the pass at 1’167 meter above sea level where you have a spectacular view of the Bernese Oberland. Especially in summer the region is a paradise for bikers.

Hansruedi developed the idea of making a cheese specialty from the remaining milk from Emmentaler AOP production and calling it Schallenberg. This task is not easy – as a master cheesemaker he wanted to develop a cheese from unprocessed, raw mountain milk, which despite its high fat content is qualitatively so pure that it can be ripened for a long time. The long hours of testing were well worth it! Schallenberg convinces with an unbelievably fresh creaminess and a complex flavor profile due to the rich mountain milk and the affinage in the mountain bunkers in Reichenbach. Tasting it reminds us that Schallenberg tastes like a fresh onion bagel with cream cheese.


affinage in the mountain for ten months

During the first twelve hours after production, the cheeses are turned every two hours. In the following 4 to 6 weeks Hansruedi cares for the young cheese wheels daily by hand with the salted water smear.

Once Schallenberg has developed a healthy and solid rind, it is aged in the mountain for 10 to 12. Deep inside the mountain, nature provides us with a perfect climate for ripening cheeses. It is here that Schallenberg develops its typical aromatic character under the constant supervision of our affineurs.

#AffinageInTheMountain – nothing is as perfect as nature


“the everything bagel with cream cheese”
the only Swiss mountain aged cheese enriched with cream.
fresh raw milk from happy cows left to graze naturally
58 % FDM, cream level
approx. 6 kg (12 lb)
10 months
slightly creamy
a few
fresh onion bagel with cream cheese
affinage & selection