BLEU de Combremont

BLEU de Combremont

The eye catching, buttery and creamy “cinder block blue”

a balanced and expressive blue veined cheese
from our dairy Combremont in the canton of Vaud.


Michael Hanke – a creative visionary

In the idyllic village of Combremont-le-Petit in Western Switzerland, at 665 meters above sea level, Michael has realized his dream of running his own cheese dairy. With a lot of love and work, the cheese dairy, built around 1851 and in need of renovation, was brought back to life. The processes and procedures were built to his specifications, enabling him to bring forth his handcraft in the best possible way day by day.
With Michael, we have found a new master cheesemaker who fits both, the philosophy and the quality strategy of Gourmino and who identifes with it. Here, traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern and efficient production methods. The result is a constant high quality and consistent production of Le Gruyère AOP suitable for long ripening.
In addition to the traditional Gruyère, Michael also likes being creative and increasingly tries to invent new cheese specialties. He has absolutely succeeded in this with Bleu de Combremont.


The creamy Blue

Blue cheese is on everyone’s mind: Gorgonzola from northern Italy, Roquefort from southern France…just to name a few. The legends surrounding the origin of this cheese are varied, dating back to the turn of the 1st century. Switzerland has a great cheese tradition, but we are less known for outstanding blue cheeses. Our goal was to develop a signature blue cheese that stands out for its creaminess and expressive flavor profile. Together with Michael’s innovation, we are proud to have realized this one-of-a-kind blue cheese in a short time.


Natural stone cellar ripening

Bleu de Combremont is made from cow’s milk that meets the requirements for Gruyère quality but is treated differently. Due to the blue mold cultures, the cheeses need to be taken directly from the salt brine to a natural stone cellar in the neighboring village, where they are ripened and maintained in compliance with strict climatic and microflora parameters. There the wonderful taste unfolds, and its one-of-a-kind appearance develops. Its special shape has already granted it the nickname “cinder block blue”.

Profile & Character

BLEU de Combremont
Is creamy-buttery and balanced, tastes slightly peppery with hints of mushrooms and a sweet umami aromatic finish.
Thermized cow’s milk
65 % FDM (soft, ‘double’ cream blue cheese)
1.8 – 2.0 kg
aged for at least 6 weeks
Soft and creamy, buttery, and spreadable
Anthracite grey marbled
affinage & selection
Serving tip
Thanks to its creamy consistency, our bleu is spreadable and therefore tastes particularly good with a fruit bread or crackers. We recommend dried fruit or honey with a sweet white wine to pair with it.