Cheese crafted for the Connoisseur

for the passionate cheesecounter

In summer 2021, the cheesemakers and employees of Gourmino developed our vision and defined how we add value and inspiration to the hard work behind the cheese counter.

Illustration by Vanessa Bigler

for the passionate cheesecounter

true craftmannship & expert advice

At the heart of our vision is the passionate cheese counter. A passionate cheese counter sells cheese of the best quality, freshly cut from the cheese wheel. It relies on true craftsmanship, a careful selection of cheeses and its knowledge of the origin and history. For us, a passionate cheese counter offers a unique shopping experience. It lends expert advice and background knowledge about cheese and cheesemakers. It is at the cheese counter where the craft is celebrated and where Gourmino offers differentiation.


in the Emmental and in the Mountain

What makes Gourmino unique? We are true specialists when it comes to ripening (maturing and caring for) cheese. An affineur can see, feel and hear how a cheese develops, when it is ready to be consumed and what care is needed. Experienced affineurs pass this knowledge on to the next generation. Our cheeses mature at two locations; one is in the last cheese warehouse in the former cheese stronghold in Langnau i. Emmental and the other is deep inside the mountain, in a former military bunker in the Bernese Oberland.

Cheese Selection

experts in selection

We are experts in selection, calling upon our most acute senses of sight, sound and taste to examine and determine the cheeses that will carry the Gourmino name. We select our cheeses according to their quality and determine whether a cheese is suitable for a long maturing process or immediate release. Upon request of our customers, we can select cheeses according to their cheese dairy, age or taste profile. This allows the passionate cheese counter to differentiate itself with a tailored cheese story, adding extra value for their audience. Additionally, we pride ourselves in selecting specialities and real treasures from qualified cheese dairies to compliment our assortment.

brave, proud, independent

Gourmino belongs to the cheesemakers

What makes Gourmino stand out: In 2001, our five founding cheesemakers ventured out on their own and independently formed Gourmino. This brave new path forward gave them autonomy in how they market the Gourmino cheeses, with a focus on highlighting the craft of small production cheese making. Gourmino continues to belong to our proud cheesemakers and will remain so in the future. 

one team – one vision

different talents

The success of a company is built on the efforts of the entire team. That’s why our credo is: one team, one vision.  In addition to cheesemakers and affineurs, our team is completed with talented employees in administration, processing and quality control. We are committed to:

  • working in a focused manner
  • looking for solutions instead of problems
  • we are doers who work independently and take responsibility
  • we have passion in what we do
  • treat each other with respect,
  • we are optimistic and always see the glass half full

happy cows

the cow’s well-being has a significant influence on the quality of the cheese

Our dairy farmers’ cows can consider themselves lucky. They live in small herds of no more than 25 cows per farmer, have free run, eat lush grass and meadow flowers in summer and sun-dried hay in winter. Unfortunately, this kind of cow keeping is not taken for granted anymore these days. But our experience shows that the cow’s well-being has a significant influence on the quality of the milk and in turn also on the cheese. For this reason, happy cows are part of our values and philosophy.

frische, lokale Rohmilch

we focus on quality

When visiting the cheese dairy, our customers often ask when the milk truck is coming and are amazed when the farmer delivers 2 cans of milk in a single-axle truck. Contrary to the trend of bigger and faster, we focus on quality. The local raw milk is delivered twice daily, usually still warm. It is processed into cheese within 12 hours. The transport routes are short and we don’t need a truck, because the farmers mostly only have between 12 and 20 cows.

from mountain and village dairies

we rely on traditional craftmanship

We rely on traditional craftsmanship from local cheese dairies. These are village and mountain dairies with a small capacity, but still sufficient to process the milk from the surrounding farms. Our philosophy is to keep the transport routes of the milk as short as possible and to process it fresh. In a village or mountain cheese dairy, the cheesemaker stands at the cheese kettle himself every day. This way, he ensures that the external influences (milk quality, temperature, etc.) are taken into account for each batch. This is an important success factor in the production of raw milk cheeses.