Urs Leuenberger

Mountain Dairy Vorderfultigen

Cheesemaking tradition since 1883 I am Urs Leuenberger, master cheese maker and head of operations at the Vorderfultigen mountain cheese dairy. In the hilly Gantrisch region between Bern, Fribourg, and Thun, I make 6-7 rounds of Le Gruyère AOP and some “Jùscht” wheels for Gourmino every day. My dairy farmers are all within a distance of 1 kilometer from here so I can actually see the cows grazing from the cheese dairy.

I used to make Emmentaler AOP. Due to the merger of two cheese dairies, I had to give up my own cheese dairy and after that I worked as a department manager at an industrial milk processor for 12 years.

I am that much more appreciative now that I am able to follow my passion for cheese craftsmanship and the associated quality standards and once again be in a commercial operation.

Cheese / year
77 tons Le Gruyère AOP
some "Jùscht" wheels
Milk suppliers
6 farmers
Milk / year
1‘194‘161 kg
Mountain cheese dairy
WCCC 2016 - 1st Award in the category with Swiss Chili
WCCC 2016 - 3rd Award in the category Gruyère