Robin Straub

Village Dairy Rohrenmoos

“”Since I grew up on a farm, I was very close to milk at an early age. During the trial apprenticeship with Markus Hengartner (now my business partner), I enjoyed it so much that I decided to become a milk technologist. After further educations up to the master cheese maker, I am now able to manage the cheese dairy Rohrenmoos together with Markus Hengartner.

In cooperation with our milk suppliers, we daily give our best to produce long ripened Emmentaler that meet the highest quality standards.”

"...that I am determined, solution-oriented and direct. I question my actions in order to act as effectively, ecologically and fairly as possible."
Village dairy Rohrenmoos, since 1881
250 tons Emmentaler AOP and 10 tons Rahmtaler
Milk suppliers
Milk volume
3’000’000 kg / year
my family, gymnastics and Swiss wrestling