Marcel Züger

Village Dairy Rohrenmoos

“I grew up in a cheese dairy and have been involved in the culture and daily structure from an early age. I wanted to have my own business and decided to continue the tradition, learn cheese making and become a tenant of the dairy in the 4th Züger generation.

My philosophy is to produce cheese according to the highest quality standards and I am strongly supporting the survival of a traditionally family-run, commercial cheese craft. I am happy to pass on my knowledge to the younger generation and at Gourmino I am not only co-owner and cheese supplier but also president of the board of directors.”

"I am forward-thinking and focused on finding solutions. Experiences - both positive and negative - I see as part of the school of life. I question my work critically and I'm always there to listen to the concerns of my employees."
Village dairy Rohrenmoos, since 1881
160 tons Emmentaler AOP and Rahmtaler
Milk suppliers
Milk volume
2’200’000 kg / year
Sport, trekking, reading, biking
WCCC 2020 4th place, 2012 bronze + silver, 2010 gold, 2008 bronze, 2004 silver
Top Ten Emmentaler AOP Käserei 2012, 2011 (gold), 2010, 2009
DLG 2013 gold
Käsiade 2012 gold