Fritz Baumgartner

Mountain Dairy Mühlekehr

 “Already as a child I used to spend a lot of time in the cheese dairy and helped my father with the cheese production. Now I run the cheese dairy in the second generation and process the milk from the surrounding farms into traditional Emmentaler AOP. In 2017 we were able to expand the business with an organic production line and now also process organic milk from the surrounding farms into organic Emmentaler AOP.

I am fascinated by the fact that very different cheeses and dairy products can be made from milk using lactic acid bacteria, temperature control and time. Our natural cheese does not only consist of measurable factors but is largely based on experience, observation, intuition and gut instinct.”

visit me in my Mountain Dairy Mühlekehr

"As a cheesemaker I am very ambitious and aim to produce top quality products. As a person I am generous and can hardly say no."
Mountain Dairy Mühlekehr in Trub in the heart of the Emmental at the at the foot of the mountain Napf... since 1829
166 tons Emmentaler AOP / 54 tons Bio-Emmentaler AOP
17 / 10 Bio
1'800'000 kg / 700'000 kg Bio / year
"Beekeeping is my big hobby, where I can take a break from the daily routine and enjoy nature."
WCCC 2018 gold
WCCC 2020 gold