Save the Emmentaler®

Our mission

With the Save the Emmentaler campaign, we strengthen the understanding of what makes an original Emmentaler and its quality, tradition and values. Our mission is to preserve the high-quality Emmentaler produced by small dairies and ripened in a natural environment. This canonical cheese deserves its place in every serious cheese case and counter. Join us in joyfully reintroducing this canonical cheese and celebrating its 700-year history.

The “King of cheeses” is often copied

Weighing an impressive 100 kg (200 lbs) with a diameter of 90 cm (35 inches) made with raw milk and with a natural rind…and 100% Swiss

There are good reasons why Emmentaler AOP is called “King of Swiss Cheeses”.  Its history goes back to the 13th century and today the original is made just as it was back then.

Unfortunately, while the name Emmentaler Switzerland is protected since 2000, the name ‘Emmentaler’ alone is not, and today real Emmentaler Switzerland AOP is as endangered as ‘Swiss Cheese’ is ubiquitous. It was traded for centuries throughout the globe and became one of the most copied and famous cheeses in the world. It’s so well known, even the first cheese emoji is an Emmentaler! You may find other cheeses with holes in the market, which are called Emmentaler, Emmental or ‘Swiss Cheese’, but these are copies and share very little in common with the authentic original Emmentaler AOP from Switzerland.


Gourmino is unique

we go our own way

Gourmino is unique. We are committed to preserving the future of our small cheese dairies. That is why Gourmino is owned by 10 cheesemakers and their interests are at the center of everything we do. We live an uncompromising quality strategy. Only cheese of perfect quality can be aged for longer periods of time. That is why we pay more for higher quality and less for average quality compared to the standard in this sector. Cheese affinage is our specialty. We run the last cheese ripening and logistic cellar in the Emmental and in 2017 we converted a former military bunker in the mountain into a cheese cellar.


Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP and Rahmtaler

Exclusively produced in the mountain dairy Hüpfenboden is the only Slow Food certified Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP. Master cheesemakers Marlies Zaugg and Bernhard Meier use their own kettle whey cultures. Their entire production and affinage is done by hand in the Emmental for earliest release of 15 months up to 24 months. The result of this most traditional recipe of Emmentaler AOP is a smoother texture with a more symphonic taste profile. In contrast to this unique production, the Rahmtaler is an Emmentaler recipe produced with the full fat content of the milk. Rahmtaler is further ripened by our team affineurs in the Reichenbach mountain bunkers. Because customers simply prefer this richer, more buttery and slightly sweeter alternative to Emmentaler, three Gourmino cheese dairies now continue to produce the Rahmtaler in both mild and reserve profiles.

Bigger is not always better

finest cheese from traditional mountain and village dairies

We are traditional cheese makers and affineurs of the finest Emmentaler AOP, and other cheese specialties. We believe that bigger is not always better and that less is often more. This starts with the quality of the milk, which is much richer when the cows graze on lush, healthy flowering meadows.

With the ‘Save the Emmentaler’ campaign, we strengthen the understanding of what it takes to handcraft and ripen an original Emmentaler AOP. Our mission is to preserve the high-quality Emmentaler and Rahmtaler produced by small dairies. We call on cheese professionals and cheese lovers across the globe to get reacquainted with the ‘King of Swiss Cheeses.’ Celebrate the Emmentaler on your cheese boards, recipes and fondue and share its 700 year history.