Vallée Brebidoux

Vallée Brebidoux

Val de Bagnes

Vallée Brebidoux is made from 100% organic alpine sheep’s milk and matures in the cellars of La Fromathèque. Shortly before it is delivered to the customers, the cheeses are brought to the Gourmino cellar in Langnau. The master cheesemakers and affineurs check the quality of the cheese one last time before it is delivered.

Yan Sutterlin

born to be a cheesemaker

“At the age of 23 I was a car mechanic and owned my own garage. At the same time I looked after 20 alpine sheep on my grandfather’s land in Val de Bagnes.

I soon realized that working with the sheep filled me with joy. So I sold the workshop and expanded the flock of sheep by 70 more in 2012. I learned what it takes to process natural sheep’s milk into cheese and yoghurt and found a partner in Bertrand who has the flair to market my specialities.”

Bertrand Gabioud

“we want to promote the sale of regional specialities”

“My father owned a dairy and a very traditional “magasin” (shop). I, on the other hand, first studied architecture before I learned to make cheese at 28.

Together with my wife Valerie we worked and lived on the Alp du Tronc in Val de Bagnes for 7 years. We looked after a herd of 100 cows and made traditional Raclette du Valais AOP from their milk.

When we were expecting our first child, my father offered me to take over his cheese dairy and the shop. I took the opportunity to build what is now La Fromathèque.”

La Fromathèque

tradition meets innovation

Because of their common interest, Yan and Bertrand decided to cooperate.

With the construction of the modern La Fromathèque they combine tradition and innovation. They are realizing their common vision: to market the traditional products of Val de Bagnes with dignity and pride. La Fromathèque consists not only of a cheese dairy, but also a shop with regional specialities and a wine & coffee bar. The later is considered a meeting point for locals and tourists on their way to one of the many ski resorts.


a home for 800 sheep

Val de Bagnes is a pure Swiss nature reserve, known for its glaciers and the Alps. The valley is also home to around 800 sheep, which in the summer months graze up to 2,800 metres above sea level. However, not all sheep are made for the sometimes very hard life in the Alps. For this reason, the two shepherds Jean-Luc and Emile chose the robust Basco-Béarnaise breed, which is unique in Switzerland.


by hand in the cellar of La Fromathèque

Vallée Brebidoux is only produced during 8 months of the year due to the seasonal availability of the milk.

The cheeses are aged in La Fromathèque’s own cellar for three to eight months due to seasonal availability. Texture and sensory characteristics therefore change from mild and creamy to more aromatic and creamy.


fresh and raw alpine sheep milk (no silage)
45 % FDM
approx. 3 kg (6 lb)
3-9 months
creamy, soft
light brown
SWISS CHEESE AWARD: 2016 1st place
WCCC: 2020 2nd place