the creamier version of the Emmentaler AOP – exclusively by Gourmino

Rahmtaler tastes bloomy and aromatic and slightly hazelnut-like. It is produced according to a traditional recipe in only three cheese dairies and is sold exclusively by Gourmino.


three cheesemakers have never stopped making the Rahmtaler

Markus Hengartner, Marcel Züger and Hansruedi Gasser are the three Gourmino cheesemakers producing the historical Rahmtaler. They are all convinced of the cream added recipe and passionate about it’s production. The creamy Emmentaler alternative is very popular in their local cheese shop. However, the production volume of Rahmtaler is very low in all three cheese dairies, since they focus most of the daily production on Emmentaler AOP these days.


the original Emmentaler recipe dates back to the 16th century

In addition to the full fat content of the fresh raw milk, cream is added to the milk the evening before the Rahmtaler is made. Compared to Emmentaler AOP, Rahmtaler is creamier and has a more tender and smoother texture. This original Emmentaler recipe dates back to the 16th century. In the 20th century this traditional Emmentaler production fell into oblivion. With the exclusive sales rights acquired in 2016, Gourmino, as a specialist for Emmentaler cheese, has decided to offer the most traditional and highly sought after cheese again.


in the heart of the Emmental and in the Mountain

Langnau – in the heart of the Emmental
Rahmtaler, which are selected for mild sales, remain in Langnau – in the heart of the Emmental. There, the cheese wheels are cared for by hand until they are sold. The climate is rather dry and cool. The Rahmtaler cheeses are only cared for with a dry cloth.

Reichenbach – Affinage in the Mountain
Selected Rahmtaler wheels are brought to the Reichenbach mountain bunkers. Deep inside the mountain environment, nature offers us a perfect climate for the longer affinage. The Rahmtaler are regularly washed with water and salt until their release, up to 15 months for Reserve selection.


fresh raw milk from happy cows left to graze naturally and cream of the previous evening milk
55 % FDM
approx. 95 kg (200 lb)
very creamy
4 months (mild) and 10 months (réserve)
sweet plantain, cooked cream, raw cashews and citrus