Emmentaler AOP

Emmentaler AOP

World Champion Cheese

Our Emmental AOP is produced by 9 Gourmino cheesemakers. Some of them are world champion cheesemakers and all of them have one goal: to produce perfect quality so that the Emmentaler can be matured for up to 24 months.

9 mountain and village dairies

founders and owners of Gourmino

The Emmental AOP, the king of cheese, is the origin of Gourmino. In a difficult market environment in 2001, five master cheesmakers joined forces to market and promote their century-old techniques. The result is Gourmino AG, the trading company which belongs to the cheesemakers. Today, eight small village and mountain dairies produce Emmentaler AOP for Gourmino. All of them focus on quality. Gourmino specializes in long ripened cheeses and this requires perfect cheese quality.


each cheese is carefully selected by our affineurs

After a three-month maturing period in the dairy, the Emmentaler wheels are brought to Langnau. Gourmino runs the last remaining cheese house of the former cheesemaking capital in the heart of the Emmental. Upon delivery, master cheesemakers and affineurs from Gourmino assess the quality of each wheel and make a selection.


in the heart of the Emmental and in the mountain

Langnau – in the heart of the Emmental…
Emmentaler, which is selected for mild sales, remains in Langnau – in the heart of the Emmental. There, the cheeses are cared for by hand until they are sold.

Reichenbach – Affinage in the Mountain…
Emmentaler for the longer affinage, arrive in Reichenbach. Deep inside the mountain, nature offers us perfect climatic conditions for the affinage of long ripened cheeses.

Emmentaler Mild, Surchoix, Réserve

mildly nutty to intense and slightly nutty. The nutty taste decreases with the ageing process.
smooth pale yellow to dark bronze. The colour of the bark becomes darker with age.
mild Emmental is elastic. This elasticity decreases with the ageing process. The texture remains fine, but becomes increasingly crumbly.
a mild Emmental has no tyrosine crystals. After 14 months Emmental has tyrosine crystals, which increase with longer affinage.
9 Gourmino mountain and village dairies


the creamier version of the Emmentaler AOP – exclusively by Gourmino

Rahmtaler is produced with full fat content – in our opinion the most natural way of production. The texture becomes creamier and less elastic than an Emmentaler AOP due to the higher fat content.

Some of our Gourmino cheese makers have never stopped producing Rahmtaler. In 2016, the Emmentaler inter-branch organization gave us the exclusive sales rights for Rahmtaler.

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Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP Slow Food

the only Slow Food Emmentaler – exclusively at Gourmino

Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP is an absolutely unique production of the classic. It is the only existing Slow Food Emmentaler and is still produced as in Gotthelf’s days. It is handcrafted exclusively by master cheesemakers Marlies Zaugg and Bernhard Meier in the Hüpfenboden mountain dairy.

What makes it so unique, among other things, are the self-grown cultures produced in the cheese dairy itself, which give Gotthelf Emmentaler its typical “Goût de Terroir”.

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