In the Emmental

With the purchase of the cheese warehouse in the Emmental, Gourmino began to age cheese over a longer period of time in the region of origin – the Emmental.

Affinage in the Emmental


the last cheese warehouse in what once was the capital of cheesemaking

In 2005 the Gourmino cheesemakers decided to buy the traditional Joost warehouse. It is the last remaining cheese warehouse in the former capital of cheesemaking Langnau in the Emmental with a history of cheese dating back to the 1700’s.

This purchase meant security for us back then. Since then we could store cheese and were no longer forced to sell it young and directly from the dairies.


Developing affinage competence

becoming an affinage specialist

Initially thought as a storage facility, we have developed our affinage expertise over the years. Since almost every Gourmino employee is also a master cheesemaker, the team enjoyed maturing the cheeses longer and individually. Only with increasing age and professional care and attention the individual character of a cheese starts to develop. This is a competence that distinguishes us and one that we are constantly developing.

Added value

logistic hub and affinage in the area of origin

In Langnau we have 4 basement floors with different climate zones. The dry storage area is used for the affinage of young Emmentaler, in the wet storage area we age smeared cheeses and matured Emmentaler specialties.

Only the best cheeses are used for long affinage and are therefore usually brought to our Reichenbach site. An exception is Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP. The only Slow Food-certified Emmentaler AOP is washed and turned by hand throughout its affinage process in its region of origin – Emmental.

Guided tours

an impression of the cheese world

Would you like to visit the cheese warehouse? Gaby Kaufmann from the Erlebnisverlag will gladly organize a guided tour for you. You will get an insight into the world of cheese and learn many exciting details about Emmentaler, Le Gruyère and its affinage.

For refreshment, there will be a fine cheese aperitif after the tour, where you can taste our cheese. Also games and fun are possible.

Further information at or

Erlebnisverlag Gaby Kaufmann / 078 765 70 41

Affinage in the Emmental

we accompany our Affineur Ädu Mülchi