Our two affinage facilities


Affinage in the Emmental

In the heart of the Emmental, all Emmentaler AOP are still made by hand. Moreover, this is the last and only remaining cheese warehouse in the former cheese stronghold of Langnau im Emmental. This traditional and original Gourmino location enables us to further age and select exclusive cheese specialities such as Gotthelf Emmentaler AOP which, due to the requirements of the AOP specifications, not only have to be produced in the Emmental, but also fully matured there.


Affinage in the Mountain

Selected Emmentaler AOP, Le Gruyère AOP and various semi-hard cheese specialities are aged here at the foot of the Blüemlisalp massif. Nothing is as perfect as nature! Deep inside the mountain, nature offers us perfect climatic conditions for the affinage of long ripened cheeses.